Thursday, 3 March 2011

Getting Ready

Sometimes getting ready for a trip is harder than deciding where to go. Have I done enough in my job that others can go on without me? Have I left enough instructions that my dogs won't starve or Miss M be left at school etc.? Am I packing the right clothes? Are all the bills paid and up to date? Do all the staff have all they need? Reminder to me don't forget to pack chargers! and the list goes on for several pages, no wonder by the time you flop into that plane seat fatigue and overwhelming relief takes hold, quickly followed by butterflies in the belly "OMG I forgot something " and quickly going through your head list. This is why the stewardess is overpleasantly smiling at you, she unspokenly is telling you to LET GO and relax. When the roar of the engine reminds you that you are now on Hols and all else is behind you, so what's the movie list?